Future is Female_2

TeXchromosome has declared this Independence Day Week “Women’s Freedom Week” and is launching the Unsung Heroines (USH) Tour 2019.  On July 3rd, Austin-based nonprofit TeXchromosome, founded by Syracuse Native, Penny Jo Pullus, kicks off 2019 Women’s Freedom Week in Central New York, celebrating strong women leaders, veterans, doctors, nurses, scholars, and indigenous visionaries who have personal and timely stories to tell.  We invite all to come to selected museums throughout Central New York to honor the vision and courage of these path-finding women.

As a mission statement, courageousness cannot be better defined than by our TeXchromosome 2019 Music Award Winner, Emily Grace Clark.  Emily will have the honor of singing with The Vet Church in Washington, D.C. as part of its pilgrimage to the prestigious National Cathedral for their annual concert happening in tandem with our USH Tour Kickoff in CNY. We could not be prouder of our award recipient for her generosity of spirit and dedication to music advocacy.

Why did we choose the Museum Series?  Central NY is a historically fertile community, and there are many unknown women leaders and veterans right here in our own backyard.  We partner with these organizations because they enable us to both raise awareness and get entry registry books signed by visitors; the latter is vital for tracking interest, which is necessary when seeking funding to continue preserving history.  Songwriters are the last of the pioneers to sing and pass down stories.  Women have long been Unsung Heroines throughout history and just as it was the elder women’s voices that were responsible for passing stories and folk songs down through past generations, unfortunately, these same voices are frequently suppressed in contemporary society.  So, please come and sing with us so we may lift our voices as one. We will present a concert featuring Kay and The Miracle Cure, Linda McRae and emerging talents Emalee Herrington and Sophie Woods.  We are calling for women to join in our Museum Series Concerts, to share their stories, songs, enjoy a tour of the gallery, and learn about the workshops and healing programs.

Open Mic Stages: Hosted by Penny Jo Pullus

Please contact: TeXchromosome@gmail.com  for more detailed information